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DST Enhanced

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edit: server closed due to my powersupply breaking of my pc. its fixed now but i have chosen to keep the server closed because of lack of interest overall.

feel free to contact me on steam if you want it back up.



Brought back the server i was hosting some time ago.(under the name Damn Nature You Scary!') Lots of mods but none of them too game breaking, for a nice enhanced experience. Just look for "DST Enhanced" in the server list.

Server is hosted from the Netherlands

Server Intention = Social/Coop

Game mode = endless

modpack = very stable at the moment


i have tested and played with each of these mods individually, so i'm very picky when it comes to them. My goal is to improve the gameplay and funfactor of DST even further, without altering the core gameplay/mechanics too much. you will find no overpowered characters or easy ways to the top here, The stormcelar, stars and resurrection shelter each have increased difficulty to craft for a better time/risk/reward feeling.



Mod description (the more stars infront of the mod, the more important it is for the player to be aware of):

Starting Item 2.0 - some twigs, grass, flint, nitre, a meat and a heating stone to get people started in any season

**DST Storm Cellar - The ultimate indestructible storage container for the biggest hoarders. very time consuming to craft but worth it. This will get you 80 slots of storage.

Trap Reset - Resets traps instead of picking them up.

Better Tooth Trap - Same as Trap Reset

***Modify Ownership - By pressing 'O', and then on a construction you can edit the ownership for that construction. this makes it possible to share with your friends.

Extra equip slots - extra slots for amulet and backpack

Moderator Commands - Allows me to fix something if it goes FUBAR.

Bee Nice - Wearing the beekeeper hat will no longer trigger killer bee's when harvesting honey

No Thermal Stone Durability - <

Personal Chesters - everyone get their own chester when joining the server. Only you can look into your own chester thanks to Ownership.

infinite Tent+Siesta uses - <

Health Info - Shows hp of players and monsters

Increased Stack Size - Currently set to 40 for everything

***Ownership - Things you build are yours only and should not be able to be destroyed/burned/looted by anyone else. Ownership is decided on the moment of placement. for example if 3 people are next to you on the moment you build a chest, all 3 will be able to open that chest. of course you can fine tune this with the Modify Ownership mod. On the other hand if you like to play solo, and nobody is near you. then only you will have access to the things you build.

DST Fish Farm - just a random fun mod to harvest fish in alternative ways :p

**Deluxe Campfires 2.11 - Adds Various hard to craft campfires that provide massive light/heat/cold sources. These endgame campfires also boost your sanity but be careful of freezing/overheating.

**Slot Machine -  at the start of every morning you will have 30% chance on getting a dubloon, find the slotmachine in the center of the map and try your luck, you can get anything from a bunch of hounds chasing you, to a Walking Cane.

Wormhole Marks - adds colors to previously used wormholes. so you know which one goes where.

***Restart - Tired of your character? Have you died so many times that the future looks grim? just type: #restart in chat and you will be able to reroll into a new character. Your items will be dropped upon doing this. ownerships still remain the same. Dont think about abusing this feature though, theres a 10 minute timer before you can use it again.

DST Ressurection shelter - similar to the meat effigy but harder to craft and better.

Pathlights - Cool infinite little placable lights that require moonstones to craft

Craftable Gears For DST - Makes gears craft-able since a lot of people are always dying for gears it seems.

Aquarium - craftable aquarium for your base!

Natural Respawn - anything burned, dug, killed, mined, caught by net or destroyed by giants will respawn overtime.

Configurable Overheating - Currently set at 70>90

**Fast Travel - Place multiple wooden signs across the world to create your own fast travel network. initiating a teleport from a sign multiple times will cycle trough your available locations. This mod also works together with Ownership and Modify ownership, meaning only you have access to your teleports until you add other players.

Painted Pig Houses (DST) - different color shades for pig houses

Animal Variety (DST) - different color shades for wildlife

Pig Queen: Instead of gold, she will give you gems

Craft Stuff: Various craft-able items to counter world desolation. available items are up for discussion so let me know please if you want something editted/removed.


**My Home: with this you should be able to safely wall off your base without having to worry about griefers. i'll have to play with this mod first before it gets the OK.

Increase Storage: Since there are recipes that require over 120 stone, i've raised the storage of everything by 2 to 4 slots max. (chests, chester, backpack, etc), stack sizes will also be increased from 40 to 60.

**quick pick: personally i'm not much into this mod as it shifts the difficulty by things you can do in 1 day, but i noticed lots of people absolutely love it. so ill let the majority decide whether they want this or not.

***Turfed!:  24 types of turfs you can craft to make your base look even more awesome! turfs will also provide a 50% movement speed bonus. (other buffs disabled)

less lags: Reconfigured it, hopefully it will stay stable this time.

Base Camp Server Only Version: Allows me to drop a starter camp for newbies unfamiliar with the game

**AFK Detection Clever: This will be replacing the basic AFK detection mod. I want to allow people to remain afk in my server if they want to eat or drink something in real life, without having to deal with food spoilage/equipment durability in the game. The Clever variant of the mod lets me tweak that as well.

DST Advanced Farming: New farm type that works in the winter, as well as craftable banana tree's. Craft Recipe is set to Hard

***Super Hound Waves: Instead of hound waves, you can now be invaded by Beefalo, Clockwork Knights, Merms, Tallbirds, Penguins, Spiders, Pigs or Gobblers instead. These additional monsters have reduced health so dont be too intimidated :) 

Show Me: More detailed mouse-over tooltips.

Force Biomes: This gives me more power to customise the map and should give some awesome results.

New Tents: Cool looking new tents for more variety

Setpiece Config: Allows me to force more points of interest in the map like the reeds or rocks protected by tentacles/tallbirds

Colorful Fireflies: you can now color your fireflies for cool effects on your base using a recipe that costs 5 light bulb.

Lunar Tools: More uses for moonrocks, adding a new tier of tools and a couple structures.

Global Positions: you can now see where other players are on the map.

World Resource Regeneration: Replacement for Natural Respawn.

Feel free to share your experience and tips here!

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Been playing on this server a bit! It is set up very nice! At first I really had a struggle to find Gold, but once That got worked out, everything else fell in time very fast... Which was awesome because I had 8 days to get ready for winter. I was killing it though, and had to leave for work on day 32, with no worries at all so far. Thanks for providing the server is what I'm trying to say. There were 2 others online, and the connection held up just fine for me. (USA, Eastern Time Location is where I am).

I got a little settlement by the Pig King. If ya find it feel free to help out on it, or whatever, just be kind! haha.

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