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Better Ratatouille

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I think we've all accidentally made ratatouille in the crock pot before, most likely when we were noobs, and I think we all know that it's a pretty crappy food item, but I have a pretty great idea for how to improve it. I propose a new mob that spawns in the caves, the cave rat. They spawn from rat holes scattered across the caves, and rarely in the ruins. It has a 25% chance of spawning with rabies, which will give you disease if you are bit without armor on. A clean rat will drop rat meat, but a rabies infested rat will drop "grosser rat meat." If you put rat meat in a crock pot with 1 vegetable and 2 fillers it will make ratatouille (Hilarious pun I know) Also I feel like rats should have a 25% chance of dropping rat tails, but I don't know what they'd be used for and that's too similar to cat tails.


K bye

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