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Sealnado Destroying My Base!!


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So I came back from harvesting tons of stuff and was preparing to go back to ROG. I heard the Sealnado sounds, I didn't want to deal with it and was going to ROG anyways. As I jump into the seaworthy, I heard it appears and start to destroy my SW base. What do I do? I already killed it twice to get the turbine blades -- I have two iron winds already. Don't really need a third.

I know I should have ran from base. My mistake. I know it's already throwing around my toothtraps and the item place holders for chests.


1. Will it destroy chests? Will it destroy alchemy engine, palm leaf hut and Chiminea?

2. Should I go back and fight it and get that turbine blade anyways since it's already destroying my base? I usually always fight sealnado at sea because I can always repair my boat easily (tons of boards/stingers/rope from ROG). I have a Cutlass Supreme on me.

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