Ceremonial Horn

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So, fun idea I got from seeing plenty of useless Beefalo Horns. Why not add a new item we can craft with them to make a ceremonial horn that provokes a giant to attack soon after using it?

Basically, the idea comes from giants that decide they aren't going to spawn that season, but experienced players like myself may find their drops to be beneficial. This item would allow us to issue a challenge to them and force them to spawn. Sometimes, it might call hounds instead, making this a little risky.

Crafting recipe is sort of important for these sort of threads, so the recipe is simple. 1 Beefalo Horn, 10 Gold, and 1 Purple Gem. Prototype it in the Magic tab with a Shadow Manipulator. It has 2 uses, and has a 25% chance of provoking a hound attack.

Alrighty, that's all from me. I might have another thing going, but it's more of compiling a list of the little fixes and sorting it all out. For now, you simply get to reply to this thread. Cheers!

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