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  • This is coming in new update.
  • Hide priority numbers on picture frames and statues when they are finished. Helps with number clutter on priority screen and optimization.


  • Add a gas sensor. Activates when selected gas is around it. Helps with further atomization.


  • More variations of storage compactor. Just like with battery upgrade, more expensive and efficient. Which one you think will fit the game best. 2x2, 3x2 or 4x4. Again, it helps with optimization, less things you need to build for same storage - the better.


  • Add another or rework the F1 oxygen overlay screen. Back in the day, PO2 was in different colour. Make each colour for each gas; it is hard to hunt for CO2 in hydrogen if it is all red.


  • Make Jobs/Consumables/Vitals expandable with edge drag. It is nice to see more information if your screen can handle it.


  • Make Rejuvenator and Medical Cot operate same way you did with massage table, on percentage automatically. Playing with 60 dupe’s base and selecting right one from list is frustrating. Alternatively, if you really do not want make it the same, change the dupe selection screen, which should sort by health percentage. Most damaged ones are always on top of the list. (Also there is a bug, dupes sometimes do not get out of it even if they are 100% health).


  • Make manual generator wattage scale with athletics skill of a dupe, it does not have to be much if it is really a balancing issue.


  • Let us make a door out of Abyssalite or add another metal with less thermal conductivity. In addition, when door is in closed state no gas is in it. When it opens gas fills those two tiles, but then it closes again the gas vanishes, it does not gets pushed to the sides. Pressure loss if you use doors anywhere.


  • Bottle system being changed in new update with 2 new machines.
  • Make Sweep on any bottled gas/liquid Empty it by a Dupe. Unless you plan Adding Gas/Liquid tanks that will fill them up instead with those bottles when you sweep them.


  • This is coming in new "Germs" update.
  • Add a number input from keyboard for precision on Valves/Sensors. (And a copy feature, eloy2030 suggestion)


  • Add comas for thousands to all resource numbers like Edible have. Make a toggle in options if people dislike it.

         fYwo2hj.png 1rlknTQ.png

  • Let us click and drag to extend resource selection box, let the game remember the settings at least for a session. Right now the scroll bar makes it more frustrating. I understand why it is like this, many more resources will come and its a must. Also numbers above 100k are still buged? I saw a fix in patch notes somewhere.

          4g9NgAu.png r4JDCjy.png

This is all I have for now.

Now I want to say big thank you to Klei and amazing people who work there for making such a gem. I never was so excited to wait and read for patch notes of a game to see and test out the changes.

18.06.2017 Edit: few more additions.

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