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  1. Im happy for new updates, but why more content if game cant run 60 fps on fully opened map? If all that space is not for me to build, why give such big map in first place?
  2. So, I know the Debug mode is not really supported, but the Alt + 1, 2, 3 and 4 screenshot feature that makes huge screenshots was working for me before. But now it does this (part of big screenshot X3): As you can see UI is rendered normal, but everything else is jigsawed, you can still tell what you look at from zoomed out version. The jig saw gets worse the bigger the screenshot is. The feature was awesome, it would be amazing if it makes into the game without debug mode. How it was before (WARNING! HUGE screenshot):
  3. When you select something to build, decor from materials that give bonus always displayed as zero. The decor bonus still works fine after you build it.
  4. Updated pushed back? @Lifegrow Tell them to go to breathable area manualy, it does not happen that often and only on early stages of the game.
  5. Thanks Cairath, you are our hero we all need but do not deserve! I noticed you have a Critter Sensor mod as well, does it functions same as trevice version? Aka room to room basis. I would love those to have a proximity detection area. Keeping stables enclosed in rooms seems like waste of space, when you can have 400 hatches in 3x3 area.
  6. Its LIQUID OXYGEN! Everyone will die... Btw... does font represents the language pack you use?
  7. Did you had anything to do with Air Lock door mod Cairath? It just vanished from mod lists. Or it was just not working? No modloader no play *Longer sigh* D:
  8. In screenshot below it is demonstrated how by deconstructing gas pipes i changed priorities on storage overlapping them.
  9. This! My biggest issue too. Cant they finish what they were doing? Unless they really gonna piss himself. Im afraid to load my 1200 cycle base. But then again don't forget test branch have debugging on so it will lag a lot more.
  10. Nooo, they gonna talk and fool around!? I need them to work. WORK HARDER! This is not a vacation, its survival of the fittest!
  11. The log keeps poping / flashing out when suit docks are used / recharged. Save file included. Auto Mk. I.sav