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  1. If you disable power transformer, then save the game, load it, it will still be disabled, but will start pass current and power all machines hooked to it without creating heat.
  2. My UI scale is set to 90%, the new priority does not shrink like everything else. Also Hotkeys for priority OTHER than priority overlay does not work.
  3. If you build paintings or any other building that can hover below or above crops, then plant the crops it will turn out like this.
  4. Ruins deconstruction

    Nuke them with debug mode. Only way right now.
  5. Love it! Hunting for those left out spots made easy.
  6. Why can't we deconstruct ruins? Is that a bug or working as intended?
  7. Does not seems to work with Outbreak update? Or its cos of OnionPatcher i use?
  8. Upgrade Imminent!

    Material selection panel should now be wide enough to display all materials. Awww yisssssss
  9. Upgrade Imminent!

    Activity on never stopped.
  10. Upgrade Imminent!

    Same thing xD
  11. Upgrade Imminent!

    No, for runes to be present you have to start over.
  12. What i would like to know is what time will the update be rolling out. Make it before stream, no one will be watching xD After stream... well, everyone will hate you... That be ultimate tease: "Hey fans, look what we have!"
  13. Upgrade Imminent!

    Disease overlay goggles, that's how you look when you press F... what F button is it now again?
  14. Show Us Your Colony

    Good luck with that magma cooling
  15. It was 3 - 4 weeks before, now another 3 - 4 weeks... So sad