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suggestions - planning tool/show length/priority duplicate jobs

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just got the game today, it's really good. my suggestions are:

-some sort of planning tool, that allows the player to set down a guide of where future rooms and objects will go, like the planning tool in rimworld/prison architect.

-show how many blocks long something is, for instance when the player clicks and drags a tile across multiple blocks, show how long the line of tiles is. also apply this to farm tiles/pipes/wire

-allow the player to set a priority for the duplicates. for instance setting a duplicates job priority for cooking to 9 (highest) and for digging to 1 (lowest) so the highest priority jobs will be done first

that's it for now, thanks!

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6 hours ago, SilenceKiller99 said:

The planning tool isnt really needed I think, as you can just set things to priority 1 and they will probably never been done as long as you give your dupes stuff to do

The idea behind a priority zero planning mode is that the stuff you plan would neiter reserve material nor ever be build unless you pait it up with the priority tool.

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