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Start with first Mod..

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Hey guys, 

im new and i have big problems to start with a simple mod i dont know where i have to start and i think i need some samples for learning it...

I want to do a simple mod :

Right Click on grass craft robe if you can


Can anyone give me a source code for that ? 

Later i want to modify my mod to an auto craft mod like if you want craft armor and you need a robe but you have the grass for a robe you will autocraft the missing robe you know?


Thanks for help


Greetings on3

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I don't know how to give something ability to right click on something & something happens, but I do know how to make when a key's pressed something happens..so I went ahead & made what you asked! Clicking on the "C" key will make auto-craft rope or woodarmor (if possible)...hopefully, you like this :)!

Auto-Craft Rope + Log Suit.zip

Looking into the modmain.lua should make you learn everything you need to know, to do more auto-craft recipes! Also, I'm not very skilled at coding so I don't know how to make the items you craft go inside your inventory or the armor be equipped if you aren't wearing any, sorry :oops:!

Good luck on your project :D~!

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