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How about other asteroids?

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We could be able to get to the surface of the asteroid and try to resume(? our space journey and get (again) into an asteroid, with less population cause it took many years to reach another asteroid, and repeat the cycle again, but with other "features", like: to get into an asteroid near to a star, and it would be hotter, or get into an asteroid that is in an asteorid belt and it would have earthquakes cause the collision with another asteroids, or like a super cold asteroid, or one asteroid with a lot of life forms. 

This way, the game could acquire an "aim", and invites to discover all types of asteroids.

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id want to be able to stay on the same asteroid but alter the angle at which you see it from. after a couple of maps you could have a 3d map of your base 

the maps could even be almost completely different with the only similarities being intersection points with previous maps 

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