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Problems with Woodie's Werebeaver Form

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DST Werebeaver's stats

150 health

200 sanity with -90/m insanity tick

27.2 damage, 44.2 damage to trees.

Night vision

240 insulation from heat & cold.

70% waterproof

25% armor

x1.1 speed

His beaver form seems great on paper. However, he can't heal himself, his crazy insanity tick and being unable to craft/interact makes him extremely vulnerable to everything, especially to rain and weather. His werebeaver can't even handle tree guards or birchnut trees well. Tree guards have too much health to be killed before getting overwhelmed by shadow creatures, and birchnutters have 50 health.

Basically his werebeaver form is high risk with a low return. Only choice is to chop trees fast enough or consume bunch of wood to regain his normal form. 

If this was intended, a way to improve Woodie is probably to make it into a high risk and at least a medium return. This can be done by buffing his werebeaver's base damage to 34 and maybe 27.2 to players if pvp is turned on (idk, I've never played pvp). His damage to trees will be 51, enough to one shot birchnutters. His higher base damage would mean that he'll get less overwhelmed by shadow creatures, if you know how to kite them properly.


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Completely agree, Woodie is a character that needs a buff to his Werebeaver form. That the Werebeaver does so limited damage completely baffles me, and that he has no boost in damage against treeguards feels completely off to his theme. Imagine him being able to easily farm living logs, that would actually make him very useful, ans the otherwise annoying Werebeaver form would be useful to both the people you play with to get some dark swords, mushroom planters and whatever otherwise living logs would be needed for.

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Though I agree that Woodie has some easily identifiable problems that need fixing, I totally disagree with the both of you. In fact I think you're completely missing the point of the werebeaver form.

The werebeaver is not a fighter. He is a harvester of mundane materials. Wood and stone (though obviously known mostly for wood). You're supposed to get into the form, get done what you need to get done, and then get out of the form. Unlike a common character with an axe (who needs to stop harvesting and figure out what to do with this new threat), his absurdly fast harvesting speed means treeguards are irrelevant to this goal. He can effortlessly harvest entire forests in record time in all 4 seasons with little worry of the heat or cold. The fact that the beaver even does 27.2, the exact damage of an axe, is there to further emphasize that although he isn't defenseless, he's a tool, not a weapon.

The huge sanity drop and low damage is there to incentivize even fairly seasoned nightmare fighters to get out of the form. The beaver's there to chop trees, not farm nightmare fuel.

As for tree guards... I mean, you COULD look at it as a clash of his tree chopping theme, but I view it as moreso of an exemplification of the tree guard theme. Who better to overwhelm the destroyer of trees in combat than a guardian of trees?

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...This will probably come off as rather harsh knowing me, but as someone who plays almost exclusively Woodie I can say that the werebeaver form is supposed to be his main drawback along with the sanity drain with it. Of course giving pine cone sanity to offset it so newer players aren't dead in five seconds. It's called a CURSE for crying out loud a TERRIBLE secret that + a bunch of Woodie examine quotes points to that he hates the form and thus it shouldn't be used as a massive wood profit or fighter. When controlled the form works great for gathering a few materials and getting out of it or clearing an area out around your base that is cluttered with trees. The form has its uses but very minimal ones as to not make Woodie's statistical weakness in beaver form become too unimportant in comparison to the rewards thus turning Woodie's disadvantage into a pro. So frankly Woodie doesn't need changes to make his main drawback less penalizing because it's his only drawback and part of what keeps him in line with the main body of the roster. Obviously there are exceptions to the character's balance but who those are, why, and if they even need changes is a topic for another day.

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