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Make the population icon show/do things

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I think the game would benefit greatly if the population icon at the top-left provided more info than just how many dupes you have.  I was quite surprised when I first started playing, and that icon did nothing.  Not even a popup list like the stress icon.  I think player's would benefit greatly if the population icon could be clicked on to give a 1-stop list of dupes and their various statuses.  

You could click on their names to go to them immediately (already doable in other menus, I know, but it would be most logical here - it's the first place I tried to do that).  Their health could follow, so you could see at a glance who is injured (and maybe have a pop-down menu to assign them to appropriate care).  Their stress next (even though it's redundant with the stress icon, the stress icon is a quicker way to reference the stat so still would be useful).  Next, disease(s?) they have.  Next would be the clothing they're wearing *in a drop-down menu*, so you could have them change clothes via this population window, and do it quickly for all your dupes.  Rather than having to go to compactor, drop out the clothes you want (which drops the whole stack out) select each individual outfit, and assign it to a dupe, shuffle them back into compactors. Then perhaps an icon record (gross, neutral, happy) of the last 3 meals they ate, so you can see at a glance who is not getting the meals they like.  Just basically make the population icon a clearing-house of dupe-specific info, so the player can see and address this stuff at a glance, rather than having to chase down individual dupes to find out what's going on, chase down clothes, go to medical units, etc.  I think it'd be very useful.

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