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Pets/livestock/work animals

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Since alien animals are quite rare i think that you should be able to domesticate them and genetically modify them so you could acclimate them to hotter or colder climates, modify their features(e.g. morbs produce polluted oxygen, pufts slime...) in your advantage, be able to reproduce them but have to take care of them (secretions, temperature, their amusement, grooming...). The player could make mass farms of animals for meat or their secretions (hatches -coal...). Work animals would carry loads with their owner(sweeping any element and if quantity of it would be large enough they the Duplicants would load the animals as much as possible) .There would be 3 branches of breeding animals: -as pets 


                                                                                                                                     -work animal

Adding animal huts, food for them, stalls, auto feeding machines, litter boxes etc.

Training pets would be essential for them to be considered pets:-using litter boxes, doing tricks, retreaving elements...

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If we have any kind of domestic animals, I really don't want them to be cows/chickens/etc. I've seen other sci-fi games do this and it just screams "total lack of imagination".

That said, putting animals on generator wheels sounds like a great way to power a base... giant miniature space hamsters, anyone? (Minsc approves.)

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