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  1. So I wanted to merge an RoG world to my Hamlet/SW world. I wanted to make a new world and so I clicked new world generation and made a new world. When I clicked confirm it just threw me into an already exiting RoG world, that I had made for fight practise and it is therefore completely destroyed and lithered with mob drops. Is there any way of reverting this without loading a backup (which I stupidly didn't make)? Or at least reseting the RoG world? Cuz if not I screwed my main world. Can I like change something in the savefiles to get rid of the unwanted RoG world? Or is there a mod that takes care of this?
  2. Platform: Steam Mods: Yes, Geometric placement, Combined status, Minimap HUD Version: Rev 327761 735 Unwanted merge with existing RoG world. Build Skyworthy in Hamlet, choose new world generation, accept and it throws you (at least me) into an existing RoG world. So I wanted to link the RoG world do my Hamlet/SW world and went to the Skyworthy and chose new world generation. I made a custom huge world and clicked generate. It didn't show the generating screen and threw me into an existing RoG wolrd that I had made to practice fights. Naturally I made that world small, as I wanted to reduce potential lag. Nothing else was changed about it but it was small, destroyed and lithered with mob drops. So all I want to know is is there is any way to revert the merge? I stupidly didn't make a backup prior to merging. Is there a way to "reset" or delete the RoG world? Cuz if not imma be mad at myself for screwing my main world. If anyone knows anything about this please tell me or at least advise me what to do. EDIT: So I investigated further and I found out that even though I "merged" the worlds, the original RoG world and my main Hamlet/SW worlds stayed in their separate save slots and were playable. So that means that I merged the worlds and in my Hamlet/SW the RoG world was playable and the changes that were made to the world (map exploration, destruction, drops) stayed the same. But the original was still standalone.
  3. Thanks, I didn't know that. You saved me a lot of work. Hopefuly it helps others.
  4. Platform: PC (Steam) Do you use mods? Yes(Geometrical placement and Combined status) Version number: Rev 327761 735 All savefiles gonbe after beta update download. Steps to reproduce: Download hamlet_interiors-Hamlet interior upgrade beta. Description: I downloaded the beta update and launched my game. The load time wasn't unusually long. Than I opened my wolrd selection and it was empty. Went to morgue which was also empty. In character selection all XP was gone. I'm a little upset since I had all 3 worlds connected and I worked long on it. Also I don't have much savefiles to attach. EDIT: All my settings stayed the same and I even found a fragment of what console commands I used. Also it reset my setting to be able to use debug console.
  5. To be honest I'm pretty new to this so I don't really know what and how am I supposed to do that. But it is nice to see that someone else had the ( partialy) same idea.
  6. I do realise that, but it would be nice. And yeah the day and night are very short and the thermo dynamics are youst too slow for this to work. But the heat loss through IR is still possible. Thanks for your thoughts.
  7. So the outer shell of the asteriod gets very hot from falling meteors and takes a long time to cool down. But IRL, the heat would dissipate much quicker through IR radiation and it would pose a new problem or an ammenity in the game - drastic temperature changes, much like here on Earth. During the night it could be used for cooling, but in the day it would get hot since there is no atmosphere to reflect or absorbe the heat so the material would go through drastic temperture changes. I think everything exposed to space should iradiate its' heat away. Because right now players only have problems with heat and not with cold. So during daytime, the surface could be used for solar power and heating, but during the night it would be used for cooling. This would also open many new chances with automation for example: You want to cool your power station at night and at day you want to heat your living quarters. You would use the same cooling/heating loop, but it would reroute the liquid depending on the time of the day. It would also be useful because right now heat is a predominant problem to your colony. I think it would balance the game a little more and make it easier to cool your colony. I do realise that the current heat mechanics aren't fast so I would be a little odd. It would also bring in seasons ( a bit of a stretch, I know) like on Earth. Please don't be mad, upset or make fun of me because it's just an idea that would ( for me at least ) make the game easier and more immersive. You are welcome to comment and let me know your opinions on the topic. (don't correct my spelling mistakes, I wrote it on the fly and was making things up along the way and english isn't my native language)
  8. THIS HAPPENS ONLY DURING USING DEBUG FEATURES! When teleporting things (art...) their physical form stayed in their original spot while their effects teleported with them. So you can stack paintings onto one another and stack decor points.