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Mobs slooooowly regen health when not in combat and under favorable conditions.

Ability to attempt to catch mobs. Success chance is based on Athletics, Learning, Medicine and Strength parameters of dupe and cannot exceed 50%. If mob is caught, then its carried to designated location with a 10% chance of it breaking free every block and then dupe must attempt to catch it again(try to do that while hatch is fleeing).

Better management of dupe needs. Why it suddenly realizes that he is hungry, drops what he is doing and runs on the other side of the map to get a snack. Even tho he passed there just a minute ago. Some script(s) that deal with proximity - take a dump if youre near a outhouse if your "bladder" is above 75%, for example, or hold past 100%(till 110 or 125%, at expense of stress) if youre almost done with your job.

And this whole dropping stuff is also annoying. Put it ON nearest surface, not dump it into a ladder shaft and watch it go. I get whole stockpiles at bottom of those shafts because dupes drop stuff for every possible reason...and leave it there.

Im not sure what "power charge threshold" is supposed to mean, as instead of calculating it across all batteries it seem to work at only some, either closest of random in general. I had dupes starting running in circles to charge one small battery that represents maybe 5% of capacity of all batteries in total, connected to that particular network. And with that with threshold set to 10%. They either dont care about those player-set values or i simply cant figure out what it means.

Ability to place markers on tiles, just tiles. Placing notes. Sometimes i want to monitor temperature changes in specific areas, but then i forget what tile or how much it was. Also ability to view log of all alarms - they pop so fast in/out that i often miss them and then have to wait for something to happen again.

Catwalks - tiles that act as both ground and ladder tile. Dupes constantly jumping over those ladders wastes a lot of time in long run.

Bigger and badder storage. For both stuff and power. 1x2 for 20t(current), 2x2 for 50t, 2x3 for 100t. Either 3x3 or 2x4 for 250t. Each next must be researched. Similar with power.

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