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A mess of problems

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Everything spontaneously fixed itself.  Nothing to see here.

Things have changed a lot in the past two months, and I seem to be having a bunch of problems I never had before.  My toilet works once then stops due to the pipe at the intake being blocked.  I cannot see what I'm doing wrong. (setup in attachment)

Next, the shower never gets used, even when all my dupes are grimy.  No clue why.  I can't even find out if it works or has a problem similar to the toilet. Works. 

Last, my hydrogen generator stands idle.  Gas is visibly flowing into it, the pump and chlorine filter are working, but it's not working.  It's set to go when batteries are below 80%, but it's still idle when they're nearly empty.  Not enough hydrogen.  The concentration was too low to use but it was still visible in the room.  The pump finally cleared the room below the threshold where it could be seen.



Edit:  I fixed the wrong-way bridge but it didn't change anything.

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There is nothing wrong with the line. Its just the line to the toilet and shower are full until a Dupe uses them. Then the pump will pump in some water.

What you should build is a water self regulating bathroom. All you have to do is have the water line loop through a Liquid Filter to clean the water and have an output line to remove excess Water the Dupes make by having it go back to your water reservoir. Once you have it built just pump in Water to get it started and disconnect the line. All Dupes have to do is power a Battery for the Water Filter.

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