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Food condiments/flavors [Cooking Expansion]

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Expanding in-game cooking by the use of ingredients to enhance food quality

  • Added Flavoring Station/Counter
  • Expands Cooking Research new recipes/ingredient refinement + processing
  • Introduces flavor synergy game dynamic
  • Cooking incentives 

Example Condiments

  1. Salt
    1. Source: Exothermic chemical reaction of a mineral ore + chlorine gas (i.e. Sodium Chloride)
    2. Prefix: "Salted"
  2. Black Pepper
    1. Source: Seeds of a new vine based plant that consistently produces black pepper (does not need to be replanted)
    2. Prefix: "Peppered"
  3. Gravy
    1. Source: Refined Agricultural ingredient
    2. Prefix: "Savory"
  4. Chili Pepper/Oil
    1. Source: Refined oil of Pepper plant 
    2. Prefix: "Hot or Spicy"
  5. Sugar
    1. Source: New plant like sugar cane
    2. Prefix: "Caramelized"

Flavorings and Synergy

  1. Single or multiple additions simply modify food quality by the ingredient amounts
    1. i.e. salting Mush Fry, quality -2, becomes Salted Mush Fry, quality -1
    2. i.e. Salted, Peppered Mush Fry becomes quality 0
  2. Flavor Synergy
    1. Specific arrangements of condiments can add the ultimate prefix to food. The added quality is higher than all the individual ingredients combined.
      1. Chili Oil + Black Pepper = "Flaming"
      2. Salt + Gravy + Black Pepper = "Gourmet" or "Umami"

Condiment Use incentives

  1. Temporary buffs achieved once food reaches a certain quality (i.e. +5)
    1. i.e. Speed or Destress buffs
  2. Phenomenal Food quality
    1. Huge bonus effects if huge quality bonuses are achieve(i.e. +10)
    2. Stat enhancements, disease immunity, temperature tolerance
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Given that this is the studio behind Don't Starve, I won't be surprised if we see more and more food options added over time.

Regardless of "flavors", which might be neat, I suspect we might end up seeing more food processing options. Lice protein smoothies, anyone?

I like the idea of food-based buffs, since that'd give more purpose to the food screen where we can limit Dupes' diets. For example, giving Ultra Spicy food to our sleet-wheat harvesters and ice miners to keep their body temp up...

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On 6/1/2017 at 9:16 AM, BlueLance said:

I do think they will add food options, and I love the idea of these, because at the moment I only eat Mealwood and have a Musher as an emergency backup.  

Frost Bun is relatively abundant as you venture to the ice biomes to harvest sleet wheat

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Hey, I like the idea about flavors, and the research for new recipies.

Yeah, food based buffs sounds nice, too. Though something like disease immunity from food sounds a bit unrealistic. :)

Also, salted food could last longer without spoiling.

I was also thinking on the lines of animal breeding, for a sustainable meat source. They would of course require food and water on their own, so it goes the whole cycle.

On 30 Май 2017 г. at 9:09 AM, CodingKitteh said:
    1. i.e. Salted, Peppered Mush Fry

Sometimes, I think that's what they actually serve in those fast food chains. :D

On 1 Июнь 2017 г. at 4:01 PM, LeadfootSlim said:

Given that this is the studio behind Don't Starve, I won't be surprised if we see more and more food options added over time.

Oh, I'm pretty sure of that! Koalefant trunk, anyone? ;)

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