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Spat is considered OP? Why..!?

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Lately I've been playing DST and searching on forums and everyone seems to think spats are over-powered. 

They drop phlegm, which isn't very useful as it is also dropped from slurtles and snurtles    (proven wrong by checking the wiki)

They can sneeze out snot to trap you in place which to some is alot to deal with but to me is barely anything compared to vargs spawning hounds constantly!


They have less health compared to vargs, which begs the question of why people think they are op? They have snot sure, however their lower health, and pig's ability to free the player, forces them to be on the prowl.


Am I the only one here who thinks spats are balanced? Their sneezing ability is gimmicky if you ask me and they can't spawn any type of follower, which is why I never like them and am always glad to see vargs at the end of hunts.

I guess some argue they're a better koalefant in a sense of the snot ability and are harder to take on alone but they don't really excel in battle compared to vargs. 


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