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Bigger map (Asteroid) and randomly Asteroid shapped?

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I've been thinking that it would be awesome if the map actually resembled something that these Dupes actually crash landed on and maybe they had parts of their ship stuck in the starter zone with them or stuck in random parts of the Asteroid they are living in and exploring. I understand the game is in Alpha and perhaps the Rectangular world floating randomly in space might change. It would be nice if you reached the edge of the Asteroid and you could see space and stars behind the boarder. The Dupes may not see it but it would be a nice effect to show the player that these Dupes really are stuck in space. Having a map that's a bit bigger and shaped like a Asteroid would also be awesome to the effect. Even if it looks like two meteors stuck together in some weird shape. I hope one day this game could get to that point once things are being finalized.

Love this game. Please keep up the awesome work.

Edit: Realized the story was that they woke up inside an Asteroid, nothing about crashing into it. But maybe having crash landed into an asteroid would be a more interesting story as it would explain how the dupes and printer got there. Unless of course, there's a better story in mind that's in progress as the game nears completion. :)

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