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Why is everyone I meet so shy?

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Hey! I thought I would share my story after entering the portal, after all who doesn't love stories?! So well, as the funny little kid I am and try to be, I meet people all the time as what's to be expected I guess? But that's not the point, every time I enter the portal I have a portable nest of friends!! Who doesn't love friends?! I decided to place them as close as I could with the portal, so my friends could befriend my other friends!! But things went meanie meanie badly! They fought as soon as they met, it was terrible!! Eventually, the friends of my size fell over the grass and stopped moving, as they became a floating white blanket person! I don't know why though!! Why would that happen? I've never seen somebody be as shy like this before! Why would you cover yourself entirely with a blanket when I am trying to get my friends to meet you?! It's scary!!

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