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Custom Chester type following character?

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I want to create a following character that can be activated by picking up an item and putting it in your inventory, something that acts just like Chester would but with obvious different design, does anyone know how I would do this? 

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Hello @Samillennium

I would start by reviewing the code for eyebone.lua, chester.lua and chesterbrain.lua to see how they implemented his behaviors. Did you want your follower to also be a chest? if so, simply copy eyebone.lua, chester.lua and chesterbrain.lua to the appropriate folders in your mod directory and begin replacing all* references to "chester" "Chester" and "CHESTER" (just in case...) in those files with "myguy" "Myguy" and "MYGUY" respectively. Do the same with "eyebone", "Eyebone" and "EYEBONE" with "myfollowitem" "Myfollowitem" and "MYFOLLOWITEM" (again, just in case...) for the files in your mod folder. Make sure you update modmain.lua to tie these files into your mod!

* For all of these replace things, do not replace anything in the files that is an ANIM or BUILD or SOUND file reference. Leave those pointing to the original values. You can replace those when you've added your own character art/sound.

This will give you a starting point with a character that follows your specific item, behaves exactly like chester does, and acts as a chest. It's basically a clone of chester with your own name. You'll probably have to spawn the myfollowitem via the console.

Not the easiest project to start with, but I don't know your level of experience, so maybe you're well suited to this? I'd personally have to hack my way through it with a lot of guess and check. G'luck!

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