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is there any way to be fully sustainable?

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as far as i can tell oxygen is not really a problem in this game once you have you geysers set up.but the problem is food is hard to get in an unlimited fashion. because fertilizer is limited.

some ways you can have have unlimited food.

1. dig up meal wood seeds before you harvest them 3 times that way you get their seeds back.(downside this is kinda an exploit because n a recent update it was the developers intention to make meal wood a finite source of food at least thats what i assume )

2. set up water coming from a geyser into a side tank with a dead dupe in it that way the dead dupe contaminates the water(downside the dupes may start to decay in water once dead in an upcoming update so this strategy may not be viable for very long. although you could just keep getting bad dupes and killing them once the decay effect comes into play if it does)

3. apparently if clean water is surrounded by polluted water all around then the clean water turns into polluted water, you could just pump clean water into tank of polluted water but the problem is it may be hard because liquid outputs wont pump into already filled blocks of liquid so i geuss the downside to this its hard to get a system made for it i have not tested this in the slightest btw so it could all be wrong

4. this is my own way of getting unlimited food which can be set up within 20 days. which i completely  thought of on my own. basically you just get all dupes with small bladder an they produce twice as much poop which results in extra fertilizer (havent tested this out with toilets tho) the only downside is they go to the washroom twice a day and you need toilets up in the first day. imo the best way because it requires no electricity doesnt really feel like cheating takes up no space except for maybe an extra outhouse and an extra compost. note with this strategy i recommend two brisstle blossoms per dupe

why is his important?

this is very important because

1. you can quickly set up a self sustainable base to work on making more efficient ways of using machine and testing thngs like obtaining liqued oxygen 

2. oni can get laggy once you explore a ton of the map because of all the particles and the algorithm of all the air moving so if you don't need to explore continuously for poluted water your play experience will be less likely to be compromised by lag and crashes

also please feel free to share any other ways of going self sustainable 

i am also planning of realesing a way to fully rely on coal to to generate electricity some time this weekend.


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I don't know why you think fertilizer is so limited. A dupe produces 11.7 kg of polluted water when they use the lavatory, which a dupe without Small Bladder does on average once per cycle. An air scrubber processing their CO2 will theoretically produce 20/3 g of polluted water per second, or 40 kg of polluted water per cycle. If you get all of that to the fertilizer maker, that's a little over 40 kg of fertilizer per cycle per dupe. That's plenty to keep your dupes fed on bristle berries.

If you fall behind somehow, you can mine fertilizer, run Bio Distillers, drain existing polluted water reservoirs, and/or use showers. But once you are settled in, you shouldn't fall behind. In fact, even just the lavatory output, which should be a bit over 9 kg of fertilizer per cycle per dupe, should be sufficient.

In my current base (which appears sustainable, but I've only gone to about cycle 180, since I no longer really have anything I want to do), I have 6 dupes, two lavatories, one air scrubber. and one fertilizer maker. I don't have a polluted water tank. The fertilizer maker is on a valve, so that its buffer stays nearly empty. The worst thing that happens is that occasionally one lavatory or the other gets blocked, but that's infrequent, and if I cared about it then I could set up a system with a polluted water tank and a vent. I just prefer not to do that because it's just another 240W pump to hook up to the grid.

The one unavoidable downside to this system is that it increases your water needs per dupe by about 10% (over just producing air), which can be a problem if you want to handle many dupes.

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