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Ping appearing as "???" to other players

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I know this question has been answered more and more times before, but those solutions just seem to not work. I followed this guide 

to set up my own custom server, but when i start it the ping just appears as "???" , which means people are not going to join it unless a miracle happens (i can understand that, i wouldn't wanna join a server with a ??? ping either because the ping is unknown). The ping is not bad, not even over 100. I played with a friend who lives in another European country and his ping was fine, he stated "around 33 and 55"

As follows i will post my "Server.ini" and my "Cluster.ini" of my "Shipwrecked Server", both files to be found in the "DoNotStarveTogether" folder Cattura1.PNGCattura2.PNG

I already did the UDP "Port Forwarding" for port 10999 , i even changed the "master_port" default 10899 (as suggested by the developers in the above guide) to 10999 in the "cluster.ini" file. I really have no idea what else i'm supposed to do/try ! Any help would be appreciated 

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