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Ways to make quadraped character/hide examine quotes?

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I'm tempted to make a mod for an OC of mine but he's kind of a plain ol dog. He can't exactly walk on two legs or talk so is it possible to stick 4 legs instead of 2 in the model? I also want to hide the examine quotes/chat (so other players can't see any words over his head) but again I'm not sure if that's even possible. 

edit- so i found 

- Custom speech strings
STRINGS.CHARACTERS.NAME = require "speech_name" 

and I think that might be it?? I've literally never coded before tbh

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found a thingy in my files that i gotta add
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Removing the talking isn't too bad - I think you can basically edit the speech_<name>.lua file and change all of the strings where he says something to "" (empty) - he'd just bark a lot.

Doing the animations might be harder. I think you'd basically have to do a new rig :/

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Put this in its master_postinit function:

	local _Say = inst.components.talker.Say
	inst.components.talker.Say = function(self, script, time, noanim, force, nobroadcast, colour)
		return inst.components.talker:ShutUp()


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6 hours ago, mrboosch said:

@JohnWatson Won't that suppress any and all talking / sounds? If he wants it to still make noise without words, do you see an issue with my proposal above?


Replace this:

return inst.components.talker:ShutUp()

With this:

return _Say(self, "", time, noanim, force, nobroadcast, colour)

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