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Help with mod that changes tuning values of the Whip

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I tried to play around and make a simple mod on my own. I usually modify the tuning values of the Whip straight from the game file but whenever an update comes it resets and I have to redo it again, and decided that it's time to do something about it and make a server sided mod that does it for me automatically. I want to increase the damage, durability and range of the Tail o Catcoons.

So I looked around at the tutorials and made this:


But I cannot even start a server with the mod activated because I get an error.

In the client log I get this:

[00:00:55]: FrontendLoadMod    WhipIt    
[00:00:55]: Could not load mod_config_data/modconfiguration_WhipIt    
[00:00:55]: Fontend-Loading mod: WhipIt (Improved Whip) Version:1.0    
[00:00:55]: Mod: WhipIt (Improved Whip)    Loading modworldgenmain.lua    
[00:00:55]: Mod: WhipIt (Improved Whip)      Mod had no modworldgenmain.lua. Skipping.    
[00:01:08]: Could not load mod_config_data/modconfiguration_WhipIt    
[00:01:08]: Not applying level data overrides.    
[00:01:08]: Not applying world gen overrides.    

Is there something I'm missing? Any kind of help is greatly appreciated! :)

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one mistake is, that you are using "wlison_attack", but this is not a global value, so your script does not know what it is.

Hm... I see no simple solution for this... The only one  I could suggest is using another value that includes it, so for example:
is the same like wilson_attack

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and second mistake is, that you forgot "TUNING" for the Range.

In your logfile search for "error", this usually shows the real error message. The part you posted does not contain an error.

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