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Different Types of Klei Official Servers

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Currently the only Klei Official servers that exist are labelled as Cooperative, which should work well except some people interpret that word as meaning all the work you do is theirs to claim. You get people who don't respect your wishes to solo on your own in a corner of the server or refuse to let you work with just a small group of friends. They feel that they should be entitled to all your resources, food, etc, and that they shouldn't have to ask before taking things as they please because it essentially already belongs to them because you chose to play in a "Cooperative" server even though those are the only Official servers we have from Klei.

This sort of attitude can not be argued against, and attempting to get the player to leave you alone typically ends up with them becoming a troll dead set on ruining the server for you. There are multiple behavioral traits exhibited by players like this I would like to see wiped out entirely but, since we can not change human nature, creating a new type of Official Klei server could suffice in the meantime. A couple servers where it is stated that people are not obligated to bend over backwards to babysit the players who find their base and refuse to leave. Servers where you can choose to either work alone without people in the server telling you to "f*** off" and just go play in your own server or choose to work with just the people there you get along with. If someone is cursing you out and berating you the entire time because of differing play styles, why should you be forced to sit back and watch them take advantage of your hard work? Sometimes you can manage to kick out these players who continually steal from you but sometimes you get stuck in a server full of like minded individuals who feel that nothing you work to get actually belongs to you, that it is theirs to take if they want it, and in such instances they are more likely to kick you for you not wanting to "share" than the person who is literally stealing from you. Seriously, before this new voting system was implemented I was kicked from a server simply for telling someone who found my camp, "This is not a communal base." They get royally triggered by the very notion of someone wanting to solo, but given the way some of them act it really shouldn't be so shocking!

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