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Thanks Charlie!

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I made a new world with some mods. It was about day 4 or 5 when 2 users joined. One never spawned in the world, but the other one did and this is when this short nightmare started.

Shortly after spawning they got killed by a Rook that was somewhat close to the portal. I was near the area and the ghost started following me. I informed them they can respawn at the portal (Endless). They did. They came back, started attacking the Rook again, so I helped them as they clearly didn't know how to kite. As they died the second time I didn't notice the Rook started attacking my Chester and shortly before the Rook dropped dead my Chester died and everything that was in him dropped to the ground. The person came back and started picking up my stuff. I let it slide since I didn't have inventory space for it anyway.

Then they just... glued themself to me.

They'd follow my every step and pick up resources I'd try to collect, like rocks I was mining or trees I was chopping. I told them they can explore on their own, but they just ignored me. They'd jump at every hostile mob but if I wouldn't help them they'd choose following me over getting killed.

I tried to lose them but their character was faster than mine. I completely forgot the command for dropping stuff (mod I have) and didn't have time to search for it with them tailing me. I didn't want them to leave with the gears and my GNOME!

Night approached fast and I got an idea.

In pitch black darkness I started running away from them, only using light when I heard hissing. In just a few moments Charlie got rid of my problem once and for all.

Thanks Charlie. ^u^

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