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Even More Timeless

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Just now, Palecwsmalec1 said:

I suppose it's un-intentional, but it's not exactly that much of a problem. I did the puzzle again and got a loyal torch, and the only difference is that i can make two versions of the tragic torch: One is timeless and i can click the arrow again for the Loyal one.

I think it's just normal cuz you have the old and the new one to show you are a part of DST for a long time

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Just now, Mananu said:

Could've been better if the Timeless Tragic Torch had another design, so it would make more easier to know which is the newer and which is the older. This also could mean an extra skin for players who solved in the past the Cyclum puzzle.

Or even a glow around the item that shows it's timeless

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1 hour ago, CaptainFun said:

I didn't doubt it. I was just explaining that never got another copy, but if it's from doing the puzzle a second time, that would explain it. 

That explains everything 

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