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First Oxygen Not Included DA Group

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So I made a group on DeviantArt for ONI (and it still remains the only one ^_^ )

It was a bit bumpy at first but I'm learning things as I go along. Anyone who joins will be automatically accepted as well as any art they submit (so please make sure it's ONI art and in the right folders).

I feel I should post the rules here as well (since idk how to post them to the front page ^^; I'm new to managing a group so I'd appreciate some tips on that)


1. Submit to the right folders. We should have all the necessary folders for any kind of work. However, if you do submit to the wrong folder by mistake, PM me. If there no folder you feel you can submit to, feel free to leave a suggestion.

2. Don't hate or discriminate against other members or submit hate art. That behavior will get you banned. Also if you're experiencing hate within the group, report to me or other admins.

3. Do not advertise or submit other peoples artwork. Art thieves will also get banned.

4. No NSFW art. A bit of gore is fine as long as it's tagged appropriately.

Pls join 0_0

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