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Don't Smol / Pint-sized Survivors - A challenge mod!

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Don't Smol is a mod that will make the characters smaller, weaker and slower. Backpacks will slow them down like a Piggyback. Some items however will be buffed due to sheer necessity, for example, the Lazy Explorer. The upside to this, you can craft with half the materials (Deconstruction Staff will only give back what you paid for it. - Hammer giving half of what you did.) - Coming April, 2017 (probably a few days with updates to follow)


Roadmap: - Key - Green: Definitely, Yellow: Might be next update, Red: Not likely for a while, Black/Strikethrough: Cancelled

Initial Release (v1.0.0)



Half Sized Characters (likely excluding Wolfgang) - this is a simple change, so won't take long. Wolfgang may take longer.

Half Damage - This one should be relatively easy to do!

Half Speed - Should be easy to do, just a small change.

Half Health - This should be relatively simple to do, but there's a chance some characters will take longer.

Backpack Slowing - This is 50/50 as to whether it will be in the initial release. Likely, but there's a chance it'll break.

<may be small bugfixes/updates if Wolfgang takes a while - for example, Backpacks.> (v1.0.1+)

Update One/Wolfgang (v1.1.0) - Late April/Early May



Wolfgang Overhaul - The changes will be applied to Wolfgang

Lazy Explorer Buff - More uses, with less sanity taken!

Voice Pitch Increase - Voices are more high-pitched to reflect the smaller characters. This may never happen.

Deconstruction Staff/Construction Amulet/Hammer - Construction items now give the correct amount. Amulet will probably work by default, but Hammer and Staff will likely need more done.

<may be small bugfixes/updates if Config takes a while - for example, Voice Pitches, Construction/Deconstruction, Lazy Explorer.)

Update Two/Mod Config (v1.2.0) - Mid May/Late May (no key as it depends on whether said thing is implemented. If it is, then it will happen.)



Voice Pitch - toggle-able, default on

Lazy Explorer buff - toggle-able, default on

Half crafting - toggle-able, default on

Backpack slowing - toggle-able, default on

Armour slowing - toggle-able, default off (makes all armor work like the Marble Suit.)

Piggyback takes away more speed - toggle-able, default on, other options: Marble Suit does also, off, only Marble Suit

<updates and bug fixes will arrive in due time, suggestions will be added to Roadmap and implemented. - Possible v2.0.0 that works with DST in future.)

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