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Wish, the Haunted

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A young girl who only recently just reached adolescence. She has pale brown, short hair and wears a plain white dress decorated with a red bow and trim. Wish never speaks more then three words in a sentence and mispronounces many words. Her voice is a sharp toned and rhythmic synthesizer, while she speaks with an overly simplistic understanding of the environment.

Functional Synopsis: Extremely fragile, is haunted by the unknown.


Health : 80

Hunger : 103

Sanity : 203


Wish is extremely weak, and takes fifty percent more damage from all applicable sources. She also deals only twenty five percent of the damage of an average survivor. She is also haunted.



That Which Haunts Wish is also capable of haunting other things. When competent living creatures are within sight, That Which Haunts Wish is able to possess them. During this Wish will become completely immobile and collapse. All senses and controls will be completely changed over to the creature that has been possessed while Wish will remain paralyzed. Possessing another creature costs ten points of sanity.

That Which Haunts Wish increases the attack of whatever it possesses by two hundred percent, the buff percentage bonus reduced by twice as much as the base attack of what is possessed. The possessed also gains a hundred percent defense bonus, which is reduced by half of their base health. While another being is possessed, Wish will gradually lose sanity every two seconds equal to zero point five percent of the base health of the possessed; and will receive five percent of any damage the possessed receives. The possession can be disrupted remotely at the cost of sanity equal to ten percent of the creatures current health; or manually without penalty by returning to Wish.

Possessed creatures are still capable of using any of their normal abilities, and nearby creatures normally allied with them will come to their aid in combat as usual. If Wish's sanity reaches zero any possession currently under way will be disrupted, and That Which Haunts Wish is be unable to possess creatures unless she is over twenty five percent sanity.


Wish naturally regenerates sanity at three points per minute, and loses hunger ten percent slower then the average survivor.

That Which Haunts Wish is capable of possessing bees, killer bees, spiders, spider warriors, depth danglers, cave spiders, hounds, ice hounds, fire hounds, adult beefalo, koalephants, ewecus, catcoons, vargs, snurtles, slurtles, splumonkeys, bunnymen, pigmen, merms, spider queens, pig guards, spitters, treeguards, moslings, batsilisk, rock lobsters, slurpers, clockwork rooks, clockwork bishops, clockwork knights, Mac'tusk and grumble bees.




Wish interacts with the world normally, but can only fight competently by taking control of other creatures. The various effects this has on other creatures allows weaker pawns like spiders and bees to have more survivability while possessed, without applying needless buffs to more powerful creatures like vargs that already can hold their own. The various penalties associated with possession limit how long Wish can hold control other creatures. And so it requires minimal sanity to possess a weak creature allowing for longer control, while stronger creatures will have a more limited frame of time.

Wish is able to command other creatures to fight for her to avoid taking damage, however the small amount she receives based on what they receive still means she will need to heal every so often. The initial cost of possession, cost of disrupting one and the inability to hold a possession at low sanity disallows Wish to repetitiously possess and abandon enemies to leave them fighting on their own without taking a sanity penalty. Possessions can be disrupted without cost by returning to Wish, however if the possessed is in combat this will draw enemies to her.

Wish thrives from taking control of powerful creatures and using them to defeat weaker ones, while she also benefits from starting a fight using a single creature in order to call all its allies nearby to arms. Allowing Wish to tackle enemies using possession to either force or trap them in a deadly situation. Wish passively drained and harmed by the process making combat recuperation still necessary.




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