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[Suggestion] Spawning in Winter

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I love playing in the "Klei Official" servers, but way too often people join during a winter session of the game. They find themselves cold and hopeless in a world where flint is nowhere to be found, and without a flint they can't craft an axe to chop down some trees and warm themselves up. In other words they either :

1- ask for a base but • nobody wants to share with a "stranger"


                                  • they can't reach it in time and ..

2- die in about 2 minutes.

So my Suggestion would be making 1 unit of flint and 1 unit of twigs spawn IMMEDIATELY next to the portal as soon as a player joins the server. This is enough to build an Axe, chop some trees, start a fire, surviving till people can't give you instruction on how to join them and start your survival in the server :D 

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