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Easy way to solve metheus 2nd puzzle, easy to understand

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Do you guys want a EASY way to solve the 2nd puzzle:

This are the number of slots:

1 2 3

4 5 6

1-. The Player 1 put Player2's first symbol on every slot, while the player 2 start with Player1's first symbol on slot 1 then fill slot 2 to 6 with any symbol that player1 does NOT have both click button, if no Gold light on then the Player 2 change the symbol from slot 1 to slot 2 so the "filler" its on slot 1 and the player1's first symbol its on slot 2, both click button, repeat the swaping until you light one golden.


2-. Lets say you got golden on the Slot 4, now the Player 1 removes all symbols but the one in Slot 4 and fill all other slots (1,2,3,5,6) with Player2's second symbol so Player2's First symbol its on Player1 slot 4 and Player2's Second symbol its on Player1 other slots now Player 2 does this: Keep the slot 4 untouched and put Player1's Second symbol on Slot 1 leaving the slot 4 in correct position (golden on) now fill slot 2,3,5,6 with any other symbol both click Button if you don't get the second golden Player2 swap slot 1 with slot 2 both click again if no Golden on then Swap 2 and 3, or 3 with 5 (4 its solved) until you get golden.


3-. Lets say you got 2nd golden with Slot 6, now repeat step 2 now using each other symbol number 3 leaving Slot 4 and 6 untouched. Do it with all 5 gold light on, the last position solve it self as it will be the last symbol.

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Another fact is that the walking cane icon  tHOkYDE.png  its always going to match the quiantity 1 icon  5jgUlBA.png  as you can only put one walking cane on the chest.


Also for not having to go into caves just use this console command  c_spawn("sacred_chest",1) it will spawn one of the chest you need under your cursor, you could just summon that on portal

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