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Let Admins remove items from offliners

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Out with one form of griefing, and another form surfaces: Thieves. This time around, griefers are getting into the habit of stealing items and piggybacks/krampus sacks, then logging off. Problem is that any character can do it, so you never know who will be a thief.

I'm absolutely sure that giving Admins the ability to force-remove items from the inventories and equipment slots and dropping them at the portal wouldn't be too overpowered. Doesn't seem like it at all, really.

Is this sort of topic common in this forum? Absolutely, as of late. Is this thread of part complaining, part suggestion going to solve anything? Maybe. But I have to throw this out there and see if we can get any information on whether this might be planned or if it's already in the works.

I've said/typed my piece. Have at it.

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