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Being Banned instantly for no reason in Klei Official server

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Just got in the 6/8 game day 4 autumn.Trying to pick my character for about 15 seconds.Once I actually get in to the world.I see a ban vote for me has already started with 3 kicks and 2 don't kicks with only 8 seconds left in timer.In the end I got kicked because the other player won't vote.

So my idea is,kick vote can only start in the selection screen.If a player is still choosing their character for more than 30 -  60 seconds (depending what time seems best for this) and people who have just entered the world will have 10 seconds of not being kick voted.(the selection screen timer will be gone but will be replaced with the entered world timer).

What do you guys think?

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This is absurd to be playing the game and after 20 days some idiots arrive and ban who is playing at a moment. 
I want my money back from Klei since I pay to play the game and I find it abusive for any other player to be able to ban you just because they get together to take over a world !!!

This happened too many times for this game to be barable !!

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