Volcanos and Another Small Idea

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What's a great problem? Rocks! Now with stone walls there's an even bigger need for them. So, here's what I thought of; Volcanos. They is only one and they are located in rocky land. Ever once in awhile they spew out lava in blobs. (Don't touch them!) they land somewhere near the volcano. Also, the game counts to rocks, so that there isn't a million rocks.

Ah, volcanoes... I remember when I first suggested them a few months ago. Of course I didn't ask for actual volcanoes, as the game doesn't support elevations (3D terrain) so a mountain of any kind wouldn't work. No, rather I called it a "volcanic/lava biome". The idea was that there would be a biome that was comprised of stone ground (similar to the rocky tundra biome where tallbirds live), but there would also be lava pools and steam vents. The lava pools would then, on occasion, erupt and spew boulders into the air and these boulders would land around the immediate area. A shadow would appear on the spot where a boulder was about to land, giving players 2-3 seconds to move or be crushed to death. Other objects, like science machine or chests, would be destroyed by a falling boulder. The steam vents would be cracks in the ground that would randomly blow out hot steam, scalding anything on them.Other ideas for this biome included that the lava would illunminate the immediate area, providing light at the expense of the dangers of the biome. Flaming cinders would burn all structures/trees in the biome, so players couldn't really create a base camp there. And flame/red hounds would spawn from lava pools, just like how frogs spawn from ponds. Again, the general idea was to make the lava biome a dangerous place to be in, like the swamp, only more so.

Maybe a rock from the sky?

Funny you should mention it, as a comet/meteor was suggested in this thread as another source of stone.
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