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[Looking for Artist] Clockwork Expansion Mod

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What this mod entails:


Clockwork King:




A clockwork version of the Ancient Fuelweaver, it would have similar attacks but be fairly easy to kill in comparison.

A raid boss for the Surface, to make Gears more readily renewable.

Size: Roughly 2.5x the size of the Fuelweaver. A towering beast! The bigger they are, the harder they fall. 

Appearance: Clockwork Ancient Fuelweaver. Orange Gem in the center of his torso.


Loot table example:



Clockwork Head (not part of Loot Table. Thrown, see Attacks.) - will mention garbled versions of the Fuelweaver's quotes when held. Can be crafted into the Giant Metal Potato

Clockwork Heart - can be used to revive WX-78, upgrading him 4 times. Alternatively, it can be crafted into the Giant Metal Potato.

6-8 Gears

1-2 Orange Gems




15000 Health





Swipe (One target.)

60 Damage. Does what it says on the tin, really.


Lightning (AoE/Infinite Targets)

30 damage to each player within range


Pawn Swarm (Up to 8 targets.)

Sends out 8 Clockwork Pawns.


The Cavalry! (Up to 2 targets.)

Sends out 2 Clockwork Knights.


Cleansing your Sins (Heal)

Sends out 2 Clockwork Bishops that will heal the Clockwork King. If aggro-ed they will attack you.


Paving the way for Destruction (Up to 2 targets.)

Sends out 2 Clockwork Rooks


Going down fighting (1 Target)

Throws his head at a nearby player, dealing 100 damage if it collides.


Clockwork Pawn:




Small Clockworks that naturally spawn in the Caves from Broken Clockwork Piles, returning at night, similar to rabbits.

These would drop Gear Fragments & a very low chance for Thulecite fragments or even gems.

They will often work in Swarms against the players.




Health: 200

Attack (zapping players from nearby): 25


Loot table example:



1-3 Gear Fragments

30% for one Thulecite Fragment, 10% for two, 5% for three.


5% Red or Blue gems

1% Any other gem




Giant Metal Potato:


Recipe: Clockwork Head, Clockwork Heart, 2 Gears

What it does:

Programmable with different quotes/map icons for different actions.

Designed to be used by an Ocuvigil.

Current actions:

Player enters area of Giant Metal Potato for the first time

Player hammers an item in the area of the Giant Metal Potato

Player burns an item in the area of the Giant Metal Potato

Player returns to the area of the Giant Metal Potato

Current map icons:

Red Eyes/Flame Style

Orange Eyes

Yellow Eyes

Beaming/Golden Eyes


For example

Player enters base for the first time: "Nice to meet you, %s!" with Golden Eyes icon

Player returns to base "Welcome back, %s!" with Golden Eyes icon

Player hammers an item "I don't think you should be doing that, %s!" with Orange Eyes

Player burns an item: "That fire will spread!" with Red/Flames Eyes


It's mostly just a gag/novelty item for late-game bases. 



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