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FPS locked at 60, ping 30 but host goes red, why?

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I am running my game on a rented VPS, 600km away from where I live in Brazil.

We are using Linux with command line only. No GUI.

Server has processor with 6 cores and 12GB of RAM.

My FPS is locked at 60 and my average ping is 30.

When the day cycle is over and game auto saves the host goes to red status and I cannot move for a few seconds, even in the first day of the game.

Also, if we build over 50 pig houses host also goes to red and it is impossible to walk if someone is loading the area where the pig houses are.

Any ideas on how to solve this?

Thank you for any answer.

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The problem arises when the VPS is reaching it's hardware limits, cos after all you share a virtual PC with other people. Apparently the 50 pig houses is too much for it to handle so limit that number and see how things go from there.

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Hi. The problem is:

1) DST don't work with multithreading, One world = one core or thread. RAM is more then need, but main problem can be just in CPU frequency... It must be hi for loaded servers......

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