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Hello guys!
I'm having a frustrating issue with my server. When the server is runningthe game, the master thread is consuming 100% and I can't play the game. I don't know what really is the problem. The processor have 6 cores running, but the game uses only the 2 of them and is conssuming the first 100%. Is my processor old? I don't know what model is, btw. Can it be a misconfigure of my part? What is the minimun processor requisits? I hope someone help me. Thanks.


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From the above picture I understand that you are under some linux distro. In this case you can always use the cat /proc/cpuinfo to get the CPU info. To get the mobo info you can use dmidecode -t 2 or lspci to get an info about all components.

The game servers, as you observed, uses one core for above (master) and one for caves as it doesn't know at this point how to take advantage of the multiple cores of the CPU's.

So, you have a few options you can try:

  • lower the player slots
  • increase the RAM to at least 8GB (on my old system had 2GB and got 8GB and with 8 slots runs at an acceptable level) if possible
  • if the world is old and it has a bunch of crap on the ground or a bunch of beefalo you could try with cleaning up stuff, lower the beefalo numbers and so on
  • last option would be to remove the GUI if your server has one by installing a linux distro version without any GUI at all if you don't really need it

As for what hardware one would need I'm afraid I'm in the dark with this as you, so would really appreciate if someone would shed some light on the matter.

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