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Duplicants overlapping issue and something else.

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Hello guys,

First of all, let me thank you for the game, I love it. From that love comes my need of sharing a portion of my feedback (will be more in the future).

Duplicants overlapping

I don't like the fact that when at least two duplicants are overlapping, they remain, how should I say it, they remain solid :) a litter transparency would be nice. Or maybe something that allows you to cycle through them. They never do a perfect overlap, I admit to that, so they can be selected to see their personal info page (details page) but sometimes you just have to zoom in, aim the cursor for a cheek, an arm, stuff like that. I personally like the animations, the faces, the details, would like to be able to see them and not have them overlap. Small complaint, I admit.

Drop down menus when you hover with the mouse/cursor over a tile/object

When the mouse's cursor is over something, some transparent drop down menus (for lack of a better word) appear on screen, if I am zoomed in, or if I am centered or don't have my camera aligned just right, the drop down menus don't take that into account and just take their space bellow the visible screen (it's late, I hope I've managed to explain the issue so far), what I have to do then is press the S key to move the camera down so that I can capture on my screen the full menus. They should adjust to the player's perspective/zoom/camera position and stuff like that.

If the issues presented here were already posted by someone else, sorry. I am kind of late to the party :D

Best regards,
Stefan A. 

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1 hour ago, NoobFromRomania said:

Or maybe something that allows you to cycle through them.

If you keep clicking on a tile with multiple objects on it, it will cycle through all these objects - including buildings, pipes, wires, materials, air or liquid, and duplicants.

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