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Charlie's Throne Room - Shadow Realm? Chess Game?

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This is an idea of mine for Charlie's Throne Room to be the Shadow Realm from The Lost Fragment mod, an official Klei creation!

Of course, there has to be a twist!

The "Island" will be surrounded with an Abyss, with Eyes inside (like when mildly insane at night)

The main attraction is a giant Chess Board, complete with Marble & Nightmare Fuel pieces.

Mr Skits stands at the foot of the Throne stairs, in control of the Nightmare pieces.

To put it simply, the aim of this is to Checkmate 'Them'.

If you make an illegal move, the piece will move back & a Charlie attack will happen to you (100 damage, and the Charlie Nightvision Animation)

If one of your pieces is taken:

Pawn: It spawns a random Shadow version of a character, including Winona & Wagstaff (for lore reasons.)

Knight: Spawns the Shadow Knight.

Bishop: Spawns the Shadow Bishop

Rook: Spawns the Shadow Rook

King: Spawns an Ancient Fuelweaver

Queen/Checkmated: The world falls into Darkness and every piece becomes a corresponding Shadow. There is no way to live past this.


A Shadow Hand will move Skits' pieces. It'll increase in difficulty as you take more, starting as a kind of joke.


If you beat Skits, Charlie will comment on the matter, and her Shadow side will become more enraged.


You're now free to roam around the world, however there's not much you can do.


Climbing the steps to the Throne will trigger a cinematic as you reach the top.

Alternatively, you are free to walk away and go back through the portal.


The choice is up to you.



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