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My World Disappeared! Help!

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I started a dedicated server yesterday and played 30 game days into the map. I left the server on overnight in case anyone wanted to try it, but when I logged into the server with my client today the world map was wiped! When I attempt to log on it asks me to pick a new character, and a new world map is created.

I'm trying to figure out what caused the issue so that I can avoid it in the future. Please take a look at my attached server log to help diagnose.

Thanks so much!


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Since your world preset is set to survival (look at line 118 - [00:00:05]: GameMode: survival) when all players died and only ghosts where active on the server it started a 120 seconds countdown (look at line 2082 - ([01:01:14]: Start world reset countdown... 120 seconds...) and reset the world when it ended exactly as it should.

Want to keep your world even if all active players are dead? Change your preset to endless from survival. How? Edit cluster.ini and at game_mode replace survival with endless. Case closed. Your welcome.

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