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Issues with Public Servers but are Private Servers free of problems?

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I know the environment in public servers and there seem to be a lot of frustrated players yet it isn't easy to recruit players for private servers (especially if a game is already underway) in cooperative mode.    I try to be a good host and am usually the last to leave a game, if not I keep the server running.   I've played on a few others (private) and it is very unpredictable.   One host restarted the world without warning, another abruptly cut off the game and so on.  

A good host (if they don't keep their server up all the time) should at least explain how long it will be up and when the players can expect it to be up again.



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What do you mean by Private servers, Do you mean Hosted worlds or definitely professional Dedicated Servers? Also with Private Servers, they should be dedicated so they're almost 24/7 (because Updates are extremely unpredictable) and recruit players via hosted worlds?

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