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Feedback 13 hours into the game

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So I've been playing the game for 13 hours now, I'm still on my first colony on cycle 85. I'm running development build: CL#208689.

Things I'm most satisfied about this game are:

  • The game gas a really good general feeling the cute and stylish art style and the sounds and music make the game very pleasing to the eye and ear.
  • The tool-tips are the best and the most explanatory I've ever seen. Having some 10 minutes reading and exploring the various tool-tips is as equal as having a tutorial explaining those things.

Things to improve on:

  • The game lacks a pressure overlay - I'm having a base with clean air but very low pressure - It'd be very helpful to see where I'm lacking pressure.
  • I would enjoy having the crafting recipes require several different materials - for example the heat insulating tile should require both abyssalite and raw minerals.
  • Having a way to turn valves off - maybe by disabling the building.
  • Have a end game goal like building a distress beacon and surviving X turns to be rescued. (saw this idea in other posts)
  • Ability to move certain things around - have the ability to move animals against their will, move mopped up water - mop up puke water and drop it in storage tank to be processed.
  • Have duplicants sweep a resource type - the only way to get them to pick up only the coal is to make a storage compactor for only that resource and set it high priority.
  • Have a steam generator as a machine instead of making a whole dedicated room for it.
  • Have machines that run on heat as a resource (probably liquid or gas plumbing) - refrigerators using "coldness" and distillers using heat.

Things I dislike:

  • The game seems to lose the in-game resources over time (losing mass over time) - Water disappears in machines, coal burns out, building tiles destroy Fluid/gas they were built on. I'd like some more cyclical systems - with the loss of energy (gaining heat) in the process.
  • The game tends to build up lag over time (usually running for longer than 4 hours it starts showing problems), restarting seems to solve the problem.

That seems about it for now, If I gather up more feedback I will make another one like this.

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