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Set toilet priority

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I've noticed that my duplicants will go out of their way to use an outhouse when a perfectly functioning toilet is much closer to them. I think having an outhouse as a backup is good early game and also good for when your duplicants are far from home. So could we get a priority setting for them like we have for other things?

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I don't think we need a priority, just the dupe choosing the closest available resource. I have noticed they seem to prefer the outhouse over the lavatory, even when it's closer.

for the time being, just lock a door to stop them going home?

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lavatory wont wake them

outhouse will

they go to outhouse at night

try to have one lavatory with vent output, rest on closed system/long pipe

3 fertilizer makers for 5 lavatories worked for me

nowadays i try to place lavatories inside bedroom


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