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workaround for stuck/unusable/invisible tiles?

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is there one? If so what is it?


I've done the usual reinstall and verify cache, no change, its the same in every new game I make. 

Makes it really difficult to build a functioning base, and also completely blocks access to some resources/items etc

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I'm not 100% sure, but for me when I have the situation where a dupe keeps trying to dig out a tile of rock and it just hangs there at 100% dug out, I cancel the dig and it usually results in an invisible block still being there.   For me I simply save my game, head back to the main menu without quitting out of the game completely, the reload my save I just made, and that seems to make the tile seem to work normally afterwards.  (I am using the current "beta" thermal update.)

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No guys. Your all doing it wrong :D You gotta go to your menu, hit save (not save as). Then straight after that hit load within the same menu and load your latest save.

No need to go to main menu or wait for an auto save.

But I agree with all of you. this bug really really annoys me.

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