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Chronicles of Noobishness

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We've all come across them at some point. Some more then others. I refer to, of course, a noob in DST. Facetanking, unknowing, make-meatballs-with-your-jerky noobs. But keep them around long enough, and not only will they learn properly, but they'll also have some cute moments. Here is mine.

So I started a game with someone from my Skype chat long ago. We were both just getting the hang of DST, but only I was experienced with the main game. We get to a pig village and decide to make a little base. Now come full moon, I advised we move away asap, warning them of werepigs. They thought they sounded easy to kill and were adamant on their decision. I proceeded to at least try to keep them alive the following full moon, but the facetank was real...I managed to kill the rest, and then ate their long pig raw. Needless to say, the thought of me eating them made them listen to me in the future. Sadly, there is no more long pig for me to eat my friends...

Not that impressive of a story, but it's the only memorable one I can remember. What's yours? It can be a story about yourself, another player(s), or both!

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