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A tale of Frisk

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I downloaded and added to my server a character mod, namely Frisk from Undertale.

I was playing with wife when a random person joined as Frisk. At first they seemed friendly, they said they love Undertale, they were excited about playing as the character. They weren't doing much around the base, but they weren't causing trouble either. For one game-day.

Frisk suddenly asks "Do you have 4 stone walls?" No. We don't. Why? "10 flint *pause* 4 purple gems *pause* 5 nightmare fuel" We have flint. Nothing else.

Frisk spends the entire day trying to get nightmare fuel. I don't think they got even 1? Then they storm through our chests and as wife looks into them, she notices some things are missing. All the gems we got so far are gone, and we had 4-5 red gems and 8 blue gems.

Frisk also is wearing a beefalo hat we made (it's summer) and my friend's custom character's special weapon. We politely ask them to put our items back and simply ask if they need something instead of just taking it.

They don't respond for a long while, and when they do, they just state they will change our gems into purple gems to make a special Frisk knife out of them.

When they went semi-afk me and wife started putting ice cold thermal stones into their inventory, hoping they'd freeze to death and drop everything on the ground. They lost 25 HP before coming back and taking out 4 thermal stones out. .-.

Frisk suddenly exclaims that they're FORCED(?!) to use our gems.


I kicked them out and rerolled 3 days. .-.

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Very impatient and entitled people.  My brother and I have dealt with a guy like this.  He came in after we defeated the deerclops and put the meat in the icebox and eyeball in the chest.  He randomly takes the eyeball and wouldn't give it back.  We decided to disconnect and join again, but we lost our eyeball. 

I never get people like that.  "No use in asking or waiting to use it!  We have to use it NOW!"

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