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Stating Trio Criteria: My Current Strategy

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Of all the time I've spent, selecting the 'starting trio' may be where I have the most practice. I took the evening to actually try and reason what I should take over another and have compiled the following. This is what I look for, but yours may differ. NOTE: I'm picky about people in my own life...and these duplicants aren't escaping from that either!

Step 1: Reject/Accept Criteria

ACCEPT:     Vomiter     -Stop Action to Create Contaminated water (In the worst of times this waters my plants...compared to DESTRUCTIVE, this is 10x better)
REJECT:     Destructive    -Stop Action destroy object/can’t interrupt/ignores Red Alert  (No way, metal is hard to come by, and the loss of control for the time to break a machine...especially in red alert...when ya need everyone working together!)

Step 2: Base Starting Class (3 Duplicants) 

#1 (1x) Learning (Scientist)    +/-3 Research Point Per Day  +/-10% Skill Leveling (per level) / Research My NUMBER 1 Priority, I'll settle for nothing less than +12 or +13. Research is the backbone of progress...and once it's done, deconstruct and forget about it. (Cycle 27-30). I used to get all three of the trio with lvl 12-13, but learned that skills improved...slightly faster, but it was the number of trips that was murder. Keeping all the research to 1 Duplicant allows for everything else to be managed and expanded, that and multiple research centers don't improve research speed (except with Novice and Intermediate are required...with two lvl13's you can shave off several cycles)

#2 (2x) Strength (Body builder) +/-10% Carrying Weight & Combat (Can’t be learned) I Choose the next 2 with this because it's all about "what skill is used most" and "can the skill be improved?" Since Strength is set from printing, everything else of need can be improved.

Everything past these two is just fluff...but push come to shove (bored/annoyed at refreshing the duplicants, this is how I'd order them)
#3 Athletics (Runner)     +/-10% Movement Speed / Use: manual generator or traveling X tiles
#4 Digging (Miner)     +/-25% Digging Speed / Dig (more xp for hardness?)
#5 Construction (Architect)+/-25% Construction Speed / Build
#6 Creativity (Artist)    +/-10% Decorating Speed Decor Rating / Paint/Sculpt
#7 Tinkering (Technician)    +/-10% Machine Operation Speed / Use: Musher, stations, hydrofan, generator, Compost
#8 Cooking (Chef)     +/-10% Cooking Speed / Use: Musher (Cooking Station?)
#9 Medicine        +/-10% Disease Resistance & Heal Rate / Recover from Injury?

Step 3: Positive Traits (Push come to shove, this is what I'd prefer in order)
#1 Quick Leaner     +5 Learning (This compounds everything...hard to beat)
#2 Diver’s Lungs     -25g/s Oxygen Consumption (Short term and long term great)
#3 Uncultured     -20 Decor Expectation & Unable to Art (Keeping stress down is a bother especially when Duplicants REFUSE to use massage tables)
#4 Twinkletoes     +5 Athletic (While super handy, a full time job on the tread mill turns dupliants into endurance sprinters in no time)
#5 Mole Hands     +5 Dig (It'll happen sooner or later, more often than not a duplicant will be waiting for others to move out of the way)
#6 Grease Money     +5 Tinkering (It helps with some machines...not all)
#7 Naturally Robust –Resistant to Illness in Contaminated Oxygen (Currently, illness/infection isn't a terrible idea, still good practice makes medical centers an early game priority for me)
#8 Iron Gut     –No Diarrhea from Mush Bars (In dire need, this would be handy, sadly/thankfully sustainable Bristle needs no direct electricity or time from Duplicants...and also...no Diarrhea treat)
#9 Amphibious      -Movements Speed Unhindered in Water (Since they can't breath underwater, they're not often walking for long enough distances submerged to make this skill desirable)
#10 Early Bird     +2 to all Skills for start of day (Spent Shower/Food) (Sound amazing! Problem is, most duplicants will be in the shower /toilet/ eating for nearly all of this 'boost' time in the morning)
#11 Night Owl     +3 to all Skills at Night / One Additional Task before bed (have to wake) (Also sounds amazing! At current there's no 'day shift/night shift' and so it's near impossible to utilize this awesome skill.)
#12 Interior Decorator +5 Creativity / +5 Decor Expectation (Once it's painted, it's done....the increase expectation is a negative in my book)

Step 4: Negative Traits (From what I'd prefer to oppose vehemently)
#1 Yokel         -Can’t Research (This is awesome as research is a 'short-term' investment, once it's done, it's not needed again)
#2 Scaredy-Cat     –Can’t Combat (At current, combat is RARE!...thankfully group numbers wins every time)
#3 Gastrophobia     –Can’t Cook (Most food comes from non-cooking places...plants)
#4 Narcoleptic    -Falls asleep during day/ +Stamina / +Stress Relief / -Sore Back (I enjoy this one, mainly due to the better stress relief and stamina)
$5 Loud Sleeper –Wakes Nearby Sleepers (If I build in tight corners, this would be an annoyance/concern for me)
#6 Biohazard     –Vulnerable to Illness in Contaminated Oxygen (Currently not a terribly common item..could be in the future)
#7 Bottomless Stomach -.08 kcal/s (Eats more than once a day) (No way, making food, harvest food, poo-ing, that's less time for things to get done)
#8 Flatulence    -Creates Contaminated Oxygen / Interrupts Jobs & Sleep (This only is a concern as it adds up in contaminated oxygen...one fart...and it spread to surrounding air if a deodorizer isn't near by)
#9 Irritable Bowel    -0.5 Bladder Efficiency (Later in game, it's hard to get to the bathroom in time...unneeded travel)
#10 Small Bladder    +0.2 Bladder Fill (2x a day) (Same as Irritable Bowel...more frequent but not as long as Bowel)
#11 Anemic     -5 Athletic (Slowing down doesn't help, this can be rectified in time, for the starting trio, this is a deal breaker)
#12 Mouth Breather +100g/s air consumption rate. (No Way....too costly)
#13 Slow Learner     -3 Learning (It may seem minor, but remember how much 'learning' influences the other traits of the duplicant (all but strength)

It may take a while (12 min-20min), but as with most things in life, it's worth the effort/ wait.

Scientist: +13 Learning, +2 Strength, Quick Learner, Scaredy-Cat, Gastrophobia (The Brains of the operation, get the research done quick!)

Miner: +8 Strength, +2 Digging, Diver's Lung, Yokel, Gastrophobia (It helps to be a wee-bit-quicker in the start of the game digging)

Artest: +8 Strength, +4 Creativity, Diver's Lung, Yokel, Gastrophobia. (Just to Not have to 're-build' decor)

Anyways, that's my quick list of reasons and "If I had to rank".

Like what ya see, have suggestions let me know!

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I like scientists with high learning

i first check negative traits, the more they got the lower expectation but some are no go who disturb others or use more air/food

no preferance on response, i manage that easily.

starters got 3 sources of points:


-special skill


Overall is when they got all skills 1-2 higher, special is one high max 8 as i seen, trait doesnt calculate into skill gaining! for example mole hands 5 is still considered 0 digging so a normal 5 digging needs higher amount of tiles to dig out for lvl 6

Having high skill dupes increases chances of more just rename them, my ada had 13 digging, next ada had 13 creativity

This way max possible i seen is 14 starting skill, 9 strength very rare.

1.learning , will be good at what he does

2 strength cant be learned, lvl 7 on delivery is like 2 deliverers

3 digging, dont need to cook if you dig out buried objects

4 tinkering increases machine speed, so research, cooking, faster athletic gain

5 construction, preferably with dig or strength

6 creativity currently nothing needs more than 4, is just overkill, can even train from 3 to 4 with 14-16 statues, wont increase speed

7 athletics it may be good running faster but eventually they increase this skill the most, 1 in first day, with tinkering +hamster wheel, will rise very quick, highest skill is profession, determines the decor expectation, dont worth much

8 cooking same as athletics, better tinkerers, i dont cook much. when artist/builder can cook, is a good combo, usually 5-6th dupe

9 medicine -better choose naturally robust if worried

athletics dont increase stamina, so i prefer anemic, is slow for 20-40 cycles, but lower stress due to very low expectation, lvl 5 will be 0, thats easy, put anemics on wheel/research/cook, can perform any job later, bad for sweep/delivery

best traits: divers lungs, quick learner, night owl, early bird, any skill giving, uncultured

best bad traits: narcoleptic, anemic, irritable bowel, small bladder (if static job), cant perform X(if has no skill on it), rest is bad, biohazard usually has good other skills

15-20m crazy long, rng is weird, sometimes gives multiple similar so i stop rolling when one has good trait but not enough, rename randomly then roll others. if i get 8 learning , 7-8 strength is good, third should be dig/strength/learning. if 13 skill, comes with 35-40 expectation, one needs to be decorator, better decor and renaming good ones seems to attract better ones

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