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implementation of reservoir

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I want to suggest the introduction of the construction of liquid and gas reservoirs. it could be unlocked with a research in the tier 2 or 3

--For liquides

three module would be unlocked when the research about liquid reservoir is done. ''A tap'', ''a water reservoir'', and a '' reservoir engine''.

A liquid reservoir could have two option, to stand alone, or to be connected to a liquid pipe line.

1-If the reservoir stand alone, it would have to be connected to a ''reservoir engine''. Duplicants would be able to fetch water (or contaminate water) and fill it manually (Could be really useful to collect the ''puke'' or ''mess'' of the duplicants and be able to use it for later... duplicant could also clean flood and keep the water that they mop). It would have latter to be connected to a ''reservoir engine'' in order to be used as a source of liquid (like for creating a lavatory/shower and its recycling system, but without having to connect it temporary a ''water pump'' or a liquid line in order to bring some water to the system)

2-The liquid reservoir could also be connected to a liquid pipe. At this moment, it would have to be connected to a ''tap'' and duplicant could use it as a place to fetch water for the micromusher or the super computer station and the water line would just keep it full.


--For gases

Five module would be unlocked when the research about gas reservoir is done. ''A compressor'', ''a gas reservoir'', a ''tank filler'', a ''gas liquifier'' and a ''tank connector''.

In any case, a ''compressor'' would have to be connected to a '' gas reservoir''. The ''compressor'' would only collect one kind of gas and will store it in the gas ''reservoir(s)'' connected to it. The ''reservoir(s)'' could then be connected to a ''tank filler'' or a ''gas liquifier''.

A ''tank filler'' would rapidly fill a tank and use little energy, but the tank would contain less gas than a tank filled with liquefied gas. For a tank fill with liquefied gas via the ''gas liquifier'', it would yes, use a bit more energy to create and also would be longer to create. After, the tank could be transport and stored or used if they are connected to a tank connector

-A reservoir of oxygen would have to be connected to a ''tank filler''. It would allow the creation of oxygen tanks that would help duplicant to breath in hostile place (to be further developed...)

-Hydrogen would have to be connected to either a tank filler or a ''gas liquifier''. A tank just filled with hydrogen gas could be connected to a hydrogen generator, but if the tank is fill with liquid hydrogen it would have a higher energetic potential (could also work like a portable battery maybe, to develop...)

-Carbon dioxide would have to be connected to a ''gas liquifier'' and could be used with fridge and coolant machine as refrigerant ( liquid co2 and solid co2  have refrigerant proprieties)

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