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More items may be added but here are a few suggestions on ideas. also i don't have anything for gasses since I'm not a scientist

Could use more suggestions

Light hat to light up dark areas (Goes along my Creatures/Biomes list)

Griller for meats dropped from the creatures (Goes along my Creatures/Biomes list)

fishing rod to catch the water creatures (Goes along my Creatures/Biomes list)

cages or pens to herd creatures (Goes along my creatures/Biomes list)

New weapons or upgrades, maybe a upgrade bench to upgrade dup main tool *digging,fighting,collecting* to make them better

New decor items like fountains,Benches,and more statues?

a Station to upgrade in tech to build a whole new branch of advanced building

Chisel to add designs to normal tiles, adds decor

Feeder to feed creatures (Goes along my Creatures/Biomes list)



from the station of advancing it will allow for useful tools to help the colony

a Robotic suit or hazmat suit to protect dups from gasses and removes stress they take in the gas

grappling hook?

*elevators and lifters @

a Suit to go out in the void...

better digging tools 

Under ground green house type stuff to improve plant grow times

heater and cooler to heat or cool a large area in your base

A Drill to break even the toughest rocks with ease

Hot tub or pool to make dups relax and remove stress

Steamer to evaporate any contaminated water then purify it into useable water, produces contaminated oxygen

Designable tiles/floors

Algae farms (Goes along my Creatures/Biomes list)

Collector is a better storage and more advanced as systems can automatically bring items in

Item pipes to transfer items around the base

Item intake to have dups drop unneeded items and pass it to the item pipes

Item outtake drops item at a certain place of connect with a collector to automatically store items

Magma Extractor to extract magma and send it off into another machine

Magma Converter to turn magma into Rocks 

Scuba Suit for longer dives in large pools of water

Air tanks to supply dups more air where they cannot breath 


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